Documentation for Spelling - spell checker for CI!

Running spelling

Running spelling should be as easy as:

python -m pip install spelling
cd <your_project>
python -m spelling

Hopefully it will locate some valid spelling mistakes and perhaps some others which whilst perhaps not dictionary words you would like to keep. See the section on exemptions for how to deal with these so that you can get a completely passing spell check to add as part of your CI process.


If the spelling checker reports a spelling mistake which is actually a deliberate choice an exemption can be made in a few ways:

  • Words containing uppercase characters are assumed to be proper nouns and ignored.
  • Escaping can be achieved through the use of back ticks ` around the word.
  • Adding to a custom wordlist wordlist.txt or spelling_wordlist.txt found in any sub-directory.
  • Adding to the global wordlist

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